Appeals Procedures

The Appeals process consists of the final stage open to Centres on behalf of candidates after having used the Enquiry on Results service. Centres should bear in mind that there is a charge made for this service should the Appeal not be upheld. Details of current fees can be found in the fees section of the GQAL website.

The final stage of the appeals process allows for a formal hearing of issues raised on behalf of candidates by the Centre, in cases where candidates remain dissatisfied with the outcome of the Enquiry upon Results service. The focus of the appeal stage is to establish whether or not the Graded Qualifications Alliance, in making awards, has used procedures that were fit for the purpose and whether it applied them properly and fairly, in arriving at judgements of candidate performance.

The procedures open to investigation include the full range of processes involved in and leading to the award of a final score and the result obtained in a GQAL Examination, including marking, standardisation, moderation and any subsequent enquiries upon results. The completion of this appeals stage represents the final point in the internal consideration of appeals against decisions of GQAL in respect of the conduct of its examinations. The procedures followed are in line with those used by other awarding bodies in England and Wales.

Further information about the Appeals process can be downloaded below.

Download Appeals Process