Enquiries on Results Service

Enquiries may only be made by the Head of the Centre on behalf of candidates or parents. All enquiries about results or about the conduct of examinations must only be made to the Graded Qualifications Alliance.

All applications for enquiries about results will be acknowledged within 7 working days of receipt. If you have not received an acknowledgement within this period you should inform GQAL Head Office immediately.

General Information

Three levels of enquiries are available to centres that have entered candidates for GQAL Awards.

1. Clerical Re-check

A full clerical re-check including the provision of a statement of the marks by assessment construct for an individual candidate.

2. Review and re-mark

A review of the mark records and a re-mark of the examination for an individual candidate by the Independent Assessor a full clerical re-check and statement of marks by assessment construct.

3. Review and moderation

Review and moderation of all the mark records for a group of candidates, by a moderator together with a full clerical re-check and statement of marks by assessment construct.

Centres should bear in mind that in the event results are deemed to be correct as issued there is a charge made for this service. Details of these charges can be found on our fees page.

A detailed description of each of the above services is available by downloading the enquiry on results policy and procedures document below.

Enquiries on Results Policy and Procedures